14-16 October 2016

Gospel Weekend


You will live a unique experience with three of the best European gospel choir conductors, a weekend full of music, feelings and rythm with international singers!

Learn polyphonic Gospel Songs and work your voice technique with renowned conductors in three masterclasses of 4 hours each, and a final session of rehearsal all togethern in order to perform a concert with them on Sunday evening!

This is once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, sing amd experience the essence and magic of gospel music with three outsanding professionals and performers: Moisès Sala, conductor of The Gospel Viu Choir (Spain), Didier Likeng, conductor of Gospel For Life (Belgium) and Fred Lewin, conductor of Good News Gospel Choir / Alleluia Singers (France).



Moises Sala

Pianist, musician, economist and one of the references in the Gospel Choirs condution in Spain, with a large career path in front of one of the most prestigious ensembles in Spain, The Gospel Viu Choir. The choir is focused in achieving musical excellence and also in his solidary project to help the children, Gospel Sense Fronteres (Gospel without borders), that has already collaborated with different associations during for 10 years now, to help fundraising for children in disadvantaged situation in different countries, and also went to give Gospel music classes to children in India and Madagascar.

He often gives Masterclasses, Seminars, Spirituals and Gospel Workshops around the country and also in Europe for public organisms and private companies, professional and amateur choirs, universities, children and youth choirs...

Moisès is also teacher in the Postgraduate Course in Musical Education, directed by Dr. Josep Gustems at Barcelona University. He also is the responsible of the Gospel & Spirituals Summer Courses at Girona University.


Didier Likeng

Originary from Camerun, born in Yaundé and living in Belgium, Didier is a musician with a large experience with choirs and at the stage. His passion for Negro Spirituals and the Gospel started at a very young age,, singing with just 11 years old at his church's choir. When he was only 13, started to conduct different ensembles in Camerun.

Didier plays several instruments, and among of being a successful gospel choir conductor, is a great singer, composer, arranger and artistic producer with more than 50 albums produced for different artists. He toured all around Europe and made workshops and Masterclasses worldwide (Spain, France, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Italy, Luxemburg, The Nederlands, Germany, United States, Canada and Caribbean).

In 1992 created "The Marvellous Gospel Singers" in Belgium and also conducted different choirs like "The Zion Gospel Spirit", "Gospel Wings" or "Golden Gospel Voices" performing in his artistic career more than 2500 concerts. Since 2005 is the Gospel teachar at the ESMUC (Superior School of Music of Catalonia) in Barcelona.


Fred Lewin

Fred, with his funny character and powerfool voice is a veteran in the international gospel scene, singing his message for 20 years now. This unconventional son of an English Pastor, transformed the prejudices and classical image that you may have of the gospel genre: his compositions will make you sing, dance and jump of your seat.

He conducts the Good News Gospel Choir in and the Alleluia Singers in Southern France, he travels around Europe with his voice technique and gospel Masterclasses, and also presenting his personal project, FredL Gospel. His musical quality is comparable to his goodness, always involved in charity causes bringing a message of hope to those who need it the most. In his workshops and through his music, he communicates positivity, happiness, euforia, and also releases his sorrows. He definitely is a balm for the soul.


Mataró is a beautiful coastal city of 125.000 residents, 20Km away from Barcelona city, considered as the Capital of the Maresme region. It has a beautiful city center with lots of history, where you can enjoy guided routes of the modernism or also see vestiges of the Romans. It has a strong cultural life, and a very interesting restaurants and nightlife area at the city port. You can arrive by road with your own car or with bus, also you can find affordable flights to Girona Costa-Brava (60km away) or Barcelona El Prat (45km away) airports.

It is the perfect place to combine a relaxing holidays or short break at the beach with cultural activities, like our Gospel Weekend.

You can find more information about Mataró here


The previewed program for the Gospel Weekend 2016 is:

- 17h to 21h: Gospel Workshop with Didier Likeng

- 09h to 13.30h: Gospel Workshop with Moisès Sala
- 15h to 19h: Gospel Workshop with Fred Lewin

**Optional: at 21hs at the Massa Theatre in Vilassar de Dalt, there's a concert of The Gospel Viu Choirstrong> conducted by Moisès Sala, if you want to assist to the concert drop us a line to gospelweekend@singandtravel.net or you can purchase your tickets online at the theater's website.

- 11h to 13h: Common Rehearsal for the concert with the 3 conductors
- 15.30h to 16.30h General Rehearsal with the band
- 17.30h to 18.30h: Final Concert

The workshops will be held at the Casal de l'Aliança Theater, located at the heart of city center (Bonaire Street, 25).

We would like to give a special thanks mention to Fundació Suport for their support to this event.


We have special deals with some hotels in Mataró, in order to get you a quality and affordable accommodation in case that you want to spend the weekend and sleep in the city. We can also provide you accommodation in Barcelona and other towns of the Costa Barcelona-Maresme area.

Contact us at gospelweekend@singandtravel.net for further information.


95€ per person

**Special Early Booking Promo only until 31/05/2016**
85€ per person

*Special rates for groups*


If you want to purchase your ticket paying by bank transfer or need further information please send us an e-mail to gospelweekend@singandtravel.net